The ex-Team USA gymnastics doctor reportedly reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors Friday in regards to his pending child pornography charges. The Detroit News reported that in exchange for Nassar's guilty plea to three charges, the U.S. Attorney's Office will not pursue tougher charges in the scheduled August Trial.

Kim Kozlowski, who reported the contents of the agreement, stated Nassar's charges include "receipt and possession of child porn and destruction and concealment of records". In 2004 Nassar downloaded several images and videos, which a federal agent testified numbered close to 37,000, to his computer. The collection included videos of Nassar personally sexually assaulting young girls.

Nassar's plea agreement will involved between 5-20 years in prison for receiving child porn and under 20 years for possession and attempting to destroy and hide the child porn on his hard drives. The former doctor will also lose his license and register as a sex offender as part of the deal.

In addition to these charges, Nassar is still scheduled to stand trial this fall in relation to the more than 100 accusations of sexual assault and improper treatment during medical exams.

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