In this day and age, you need to take solid care of yourself. Not just keeping your weight down but don’t smoke either. For males or females, this is a must.

High blood pressure is also something to address. Look at Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson and what they have accomplished at 42 and 50 years of age. We aren't all professional athletes like they are, but all of you weekend warriors need to take care of yourselves too with your health.

Make sure that you're going to your doctor and getting colonoscopies, stress tests, blood work, and overall focus on better sleep too.

The food you eat is big time too. Whether it be organic or regular fruit, vegetables, meats, poultry and pork. Eggs are also a great food to eat for protein. Don’t neglect water either. Please drink at least 100 liters of water every day.

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Be active outdoors, walking, running, fishing and any activity to boost your heart rate. These are all simple things to add to your life.

I really believe you should stop eating fast foods on a regular basis too. You are what you eat. Don’t eat junk, but have a cheat day once in a while with something you love to eat. Don’t get gassed all the time either; drinking once in a while is not a bad thing but do it in moderation.

If you are at any age, changes can be made. Just get disciplined and do it. As you get older, take care of yourself! Do it!

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