As Little Caesars Arena is taking shape, fans are starting to realize they may have been sold a bill of goods, the latest outrage concerns the roof art.

We all saw the mockups and artist renderings and got pretty excited. The lights, the giant Red Wings logo on the top of the building, the baddest bowl in hockey lived up to its name in those visions.

So far the roof features a half painted Little Caesars mascot (the title corporate sponsor of the building) and fans are none too happy about it.

That is just a sampling of the twitter outrage today as images are released from the construction site.

While it is true a lot of the hype was around the LED lights and big Red Wings logo at the top, three years ago the Pistons weren't scheduled to play in the new building. Also three years ago it was not called Little Caesars Arena. So unfortunately for those who were excited about those things, plans had to change.

Just when fans maybe were getting used to the name and dealing with corporate sponsorship cutting in on the history of the franchise this is a slap in the face of any progress made there.

On that note though, it is worth mentioning that only one Original 6 franchise is devoid of corporate sponsors on its arena. Madison Square Garden for the New York Rangers is the lone survivor. Chicago (United), Boston (TD Ameritrade), Montreal (Bell), Toronto (Air Canada) and now Detroit all have corporate sponsors, so while "history" and "prestige" might be an argument the purists will raise, the fact of the matter is it was only a matter of time before the corporate sponsorship money poured in to even the most iconic franchises.

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