The star forward accidentally knocked over a couple of fans beers during warm ups, so he did the right thing. He bought the next round.

Larkin was a fan favorite when he played for the Grand Rapids Griffins a few years back and with good reason. The guy is a stand up dude.

A case in point, during a warm up session prior to a game at Little Caesar's Arena, Larkin accidentally knocked over a fan's beer.

Immediately, he felt bad about it, and after giving it a thought, he skated over to the Wings' bench, where he found trainer Rick Szuber, the Wings locker room attendant, and hit him up for $20 to pay for the guys beers. (I'm not even sure if $20 gets you more than one beer at :Little Caesar's Arena these days, it's fricking pricey.)

The act was caught on camera, as Larkin was mic'd up for "Hockey Night In Canada", the traditional Saturday night national broadcast shown throughout the country.

After the game, Larkin gave one of his ticks to the man, who remains anonymous.

Now, it's yet to be determined if Larkin paid Zubie back after the game. I'd like to think he did.

There is precedence for this particular act of kindness. A similar situation occurred last week at a NBA game where Gary Payton knocked over a fan's beers and offered to pay for a refresher.

If you'd like to check out the entire Dylan Larkin mic'd up adventure, here it is, courtesy of Hockey Night In Canada, eh.

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