Well, well, well, where can Tiger Woods be? They say Mr. Woods played a practice round at Augusta on Tuesday. But they didn't say if Eldrick is going to play in the Masters next!

Tiger Woods has been on the shelf for weeks with an injury. Fact is, everyone knows Woods has been injured with multiple things. But where has he been in the past six weeks? Many people in the golf world think different. Just saying he hasn't been in the public eye since a cameraman knocked a tooth out of his head in Italy. He was there watching his girlfriend Lindsay Vonn, a world class skier.

I like Tiger Woods. He is a proven icon. His injuries to his back and other areas of his body have taken a toll. Then there are the rumors of his whereabouts in the past weeks.

Woods will never be back to his old self, but his life has turned into an intense drama. Gone are his swing coaches, caddies, and wife that helped him through support and keeping him focused. Some people feel there is more to the story than he is telling and I believe that.

Only time will tell, but I would be very surprised if he plays in the upcoming Masters.