The Super Bowl is just days away, and the weather forecast is very interesting. This could be the worst weather in the history of any Super Bowls, seeing how it will be outdoors. The venue is MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


The weather pro's say a high of 36 degrees with the possibility of snow showers on game day. It's funny because game day is Ground Hog's Day. There is the chance that it might be warmer and it could rain. Any way you look at it the weather will stink.

The first outdoor Super Bowl in a cold-weather city should be the coldest weather ever for the 6:36 start. The coldest game to date was set at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans on Jan.16th 1972,I was in seventh grade. Why would the NFL play this game in an outdoor open-air stadium in the Winter? If the weather is worst then the forecast, the NFL would need 72 hours' notice to move the game to Saturday or Monday. The NFL could have to change the time of the game. How the NFL got themselves into this is could be very chaotic. Only time will tell, this should be about the Broncos And Seahawks, not about the weather!