Bet the Lions. Don't argue, just do it.

"Eleven of the last thirteen teams featured on HARD KNOCKS have equaled or improved their win-loss record in the regular season. The Cleveland Browns ... went from a winless 2017 season to coming within half a game (7-8-1) of a .500 campaign. The 2019 season saw the Raiders improve their record to 7-9 from the previous year's 4-12 mark. Both Los Angeles' teams, Rams and Chargers, improved their records in 2020 with two more wins from the previous year; with the Rams making the playoffs. Last year the Cowboys won their division going 12-5 from the previous year's 6-10 mark." - Detroit Lions announcing they'll on Hard Knocks

The Hard Knocks news doesn't guarantee any victories in 2022, but HBO (and the NFL) thinks Dan Campbell's Detroit Lions might make for compelling television. And the recent track record makes you think this is good news.

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The NFL announced Monday morning at its annual league meetings that the Detroit Lions will be features on this season's Hard Knocks training camp series, which will debut on HBO Max on August 9th, and for four more Tuesdays after that until September 4th. The NFL regular season starts two days later in Los Angeles, with former Lion Matthew Stafford leading the Super Bowl champions to start the 2022 season.

As ESPN's Kevin Seifert put it best, "a major part of the Lions' allure is coach Dan Campbell, whose colorful news conferences and unique aphorisms brought levity and interest to his 3-13 debut with the Lions last season."

And here's a quote from team president Rod Wood that you hope doesn't come back to bite them (in the knee caps or elsewhere): "We are excited about the opportunity to showcase the City of Detroit and the amazing culture we are building at the Lions."

Unless something goes terribly wrong, this should be a win-win for both the team and Campbell.  The Lions have been a punchline for a long time. This appearance could turn that around. And if Campbell comes off as a character, it could ensure him a post-coaching career on television.

The rules for being selected by the league are interesting. A team is eligible if they haven't made the playoffs in the past two seasons, don't have a first year head coach and haven't been on the show in ten years. Also, it appears the Lions are the first NFC North team to be on the series.

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