Detroit Tigers fans griped for two years about a lack of hitting from Prince Fielder when it was needed the the playoffs.

Prince was never the most approachable Tiger for fans, either. And, he always seemed to have a way of pissing off the faithful with his words and nonchalant attitude.

Well, some things never change.

Today, in a Detroit Free Press article, Fielder was quoted as as saying he doesn't "give a f--- about the Detroit Series" as his Texas Rangers come to Comerica Park for the first time since the Fielder-for-Ian Kinsler trade. I'm sure Detroit fans have been waiting for their opportunity to not-so-warmly greet Prince at CoPa this weekend. It would be the first time they have seen him since his belly flop at third during Game 6 of last year's ALCS that all but assured a Boston Red Sox pennant. But, Prince is injured and won't be making the trip to Detroit with his team...that's too bad.

Don't worry, drama fans, Ian Kinsler had some choice words of his own for the Texas Ballclub and Management after the trade. That should keep things interesting, still, this weekend.