In a news release, Potter Park Zoo announced they were going to be reopening Potter Park Zoo as soon as next week.

Don't let that header deceive you. If you're a member of the Potter Park Zoo, you can get in as early as next Monday. The rest of the general public are welcome back on Thursday, June 18th.

The hours for the zoo, will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day for visitors.

“We are grateful to be able to offer our community a safe way to visit the animals they have missed during this closure,”  the Zoo Director, Cynthia Wagner said in the release.

After some changes from the Centers for Disease Control an Prevention, as well as state guidelines, your next zoo experience will be different.

You can expect a longer wait on busier days, as the zoo is currently the limiting the occupancy inside of the zoo. They said that entry tickets will be timed out to space guests out.

“Every guest who enters the zoo is expected to support the shared responsibility of keeping themselves, other guests, zoo staff, and animals safe by social distancing and wearing a mask when closer than six feet to individuals outside of their household, and in all indoor spaces if over two year of age and if medically able,” the release added.

At this time, the Feline & Primate House, as well as the Bird & Reptile House will be closed.

Charge for visiting the park, according to WILX, will be $7 for resident adults, $5 for resident seniors, $13 for non-resident adults, $11 for non-resident seniors, and then $5 for children under 12 years old and younger. Any child under the age of three can get into the zoo for free.

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