This year is the worst ever for potholes in this great state. I can’t blame just one person or a group. That wouldn’t be fair. Or, can I? I could blame some politician, but what good does that do?

I don’t know why this state is just awful and terrible for potholes. But that’s the reality of it. Bottom line, who really has dropped the ball on this? The motorists of this state are at the mercy of potholes that just crush all motor vehicles. I’m a firm believer the state of Michigan is one of the worst states for potholes in this great country of ours. There might be worse, but Michigan has to rank up there.

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Some of these potholes locally in  Mid-Michigan are just absolutely unbelievable. Some you could ice fish around them or catch a huge animal in them. This really isn’t anything to laugh at either. Because thousands of Michiganders are paying thousands of dollars for vehicle repairs. So who is to blame? Is it materials that make the infrastructure of the roads and highways? Is it politicians? What is the reason why our roads are terrible!?

This year, like I already stated, these potholes are gigantic, to say the least! I want the masses to give me reasons why these roads and highways are so pothole friendly every year. Please go off if you want to!

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