After tomorrow, Michigan should own another Guinness World Record. Tomorrow (Thursday) from noon to 3 PM, in Farmington Hills, the folks at Dryer Vent Wizard will gather months worth of dryer lint, form it into a ball, weigh it and then set it on fire. Awesome, huh?

According to, there has never been an official record for Largest Ball of Lint. There HAS been a record set for Largest Ball of Human Hair (167 pounds) and of course, Largest Rubber Band Ball (a shocking 9,032 pounds), but tomorrow's feat will be a first. The Dryer Vent Wizard people say they have 1000 pounds of lint collected. After forming it into the ball of lint (I'm curious as to how that will work) they will weigh it with the help of a crane and then light it up. The Farmington Hills Fire Department will be on hand to extinguish the potentially dangerous lint fire.

Jason Kapica, president of Dryer Vent Wizard, says this is all about raising awareness. “Setting the lint ball on fire is a symbol of the prevalence of dryer vent fires."

Who among us will go after the next unclaimed record - "Largest Ball of Belly-Button Lint"?

Good luck. Here's the story

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