WOOD TV 8 in Grand Rapids' official YouTube channel uploaded this footage from Adam Dabaja of a drone capturing footage over the wreckage caused by the tornado in Portland, Michigan on Monday.

Following up on previous stories we've laid out here and here, we have learned through the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids that an EF-1 Tornado did touch down in Portland, Michigan with winds reaching 100 miles per hour.

Angie Jackson from mLive reports that the tornado touched down a little after 2:30 P.M. eastern time on Monday and stayed grounded for about 10 minutes and was likely about 50 yards wide.

As of this writing, all major news outlets are reporting only minor injuries stemming from the natural disaster.

As to why residents of Portland and Mid-Michigan received virtually no warning National Weather Service spokesman for Grand Rapids Jim Maczko said in a statement to the media:  "It spun up so quickly ... it was virtually undetectable on radar."

He would go on to say: "These smaller, weaker tornadoes that tend to do a lot of damage but don't necessarily destroy homes like we see out in Oklahoma or Alabama, those are the types we see a lot here in Michigan. Unfortunately, those are the most impossible for us to predict ahead of time,"