It has been roughly seven years since Martin Mayhew took over a team from Matt Millen that had previously gone 0-16. There was nowhere to go but up, and while the win totals went up, it was marginal at best (41 wins over those seven years). Fans expected more (or at least a playoff win or two), the results never showed up and now Mayhew has been fired.

With this news, we look back at moves made in the Mayhew era and we don't have to wonder where it went wrong, there were plenty of bad decisions. What we want to know is what you think is the worst Mayhew-era move.

The Bad Draft Picks

Some would consider the first ever pick of Martin Mayhew to be a bad one in Matthew Stafford. He's certainly not the worst but right now the fanbase seems extremely frustrated with the QB's recent play. Whether or not it's him or the product of a bigger problem is a different debate.

What really hit home in terms of the bad moves were the duds of picks in the first three rounds in various drafts. Jahvid Best (2010, 1st round) and Mikel LeShoure (2011, 2nd round) were running backs who never panned out. Ryan Broyles (2012, 2nd round) and Titus Young (2011, 2nd round) at wide receiver, Bill Bentley (2012, 3rd round) and Amari Spievey (2010, 3rd) at DB.

All of these names were used with first, second or third round selections in the NFL draft during Mayhew's tenure. These are players who should be making a significant impact on the team, instead all six aren't even in the NFL right now.

Questionable Coaching Hires

Two head coaches (Jim Schwartz and Jim Caldwell) that have a combined Lions record of 41-63 during the Mayhew era. Coaches with demeanors that are on polar opposite spectrums have not so opposite records. Caldwell as of this writing is back to .500 and trending downwards in his second season. And remember he made the playoffs in year one.

There's also the matter of recently departed Joe Lombardi and an offense apparently so simple that opposing defenses can figure it out in a week of film study. Just because your last name is Lombardi doesn't mean you're gifted in football it seems.

Joe Lombardi's hire can certainly be considered one of the worst in the Mayhew era.

Letting Free Agents Walk

After discussing the previous busts at running back, wideout and defensive back there was one position that Mayhew drafted extremely well, the defensive line. The problem is that those big name defensive line players that actually succeeded with the Lions are now gone.

Nick Fairley (Rams) and Ndamukong Suh (Dolphins) had great impact on a Lions defense that during the winning seasons was extremely formidable. Unfortunately the Mayhew regime decided to let them walk.

While both might not be having the greatest of seasons currently it's hard to see the current state of the Lions versus the teams that made the playoffs and wonder what if.

This One Ugly Trade

Around Halloween in 2012 the Lions made a trade for wide receiver Mike Thomas from Jacksonville. He cost a 5th round pick in 2014. In nine games and one start for the rest of 2012 he hauled in five catches for 28 yards and a TD. Again that's over nine games!

Thomas was cut in training camp in 2013.

The draft pick the Lions traded turned into linebacker Aaron Lynch after it was traded to San Francisco. Lynch, is a bit remarkable for a 5th round pick, amassing 11 sacks through 24 games in his career.

Sound off!

So with all of that nonsense in mind plus any other decisions we may have missed it's time to vote. What has been the worst decision in the Martin Mayhew era?