So you took a little vacation to one or more of our Great Lakes...and you went rock hunting. You collected some of the more interesting ones and took them home.

So now what? What are ya gonna do with 'em?

Many of these collected rocks either end up under the front seat of the car, or thrown out into the garden, or put in a fish tank. Why not polish 'em up? Even the most mundane, boring-looking rocks look like jewelry when they're tumbled and polished. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and finally, we got a rock tumbler.

But I haven't used it yet.

One guy you should take your cues from is Rob, the Michigan Rocks guy. His life revolves around his love for unique rocks and he is always finding new, unique, and rare rocks. Upon tumbling & polishing these rocks, you'll be surprised at the colors, swirls, and unexpected artwork that our Great Lakes rocks contain.

Rock tumbler kits are abundant and you can find them easily for online orders. If this is something you've always wanted to do but you forgot about it, now's a good time. Have patience, because depending on the size of the rocks, the finished product could take anywhere from one to two months. The rotary tumbler is the most common, most suggested mode of tumbling.

Once your stones are polished and gorgeous, what to do with 'em?
There are a good number of things:

Whatever you use 'em for, the finished product is a very satisfying thing to accomplish – just be patient throughout the process. To find out more about rock tumbling and polishing, click HERE.

Also, the Michigan Rocks guy gives you a few tips in the videos seen after the photo gallery. The photos show you the beauty of our Great Lakes rocks, found at lakes Huron, Michigan, and Superior. Take a look!

Polished Rocks From The Great Lakes



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