With the global pandemic that's happening, I’m pleading with people to do the right thing. Meaning, if you see a neighbor struggling with something, help them. Of course you have to social distance. I really feel today more than ever people have to chill out. This pandemic caught the world on its heels. People need help, guidance, support, encouragement and love. This might not be a sports story, but I need to let people know how I feel.

I’m 60 years old and have been exposed to a lot of bad things. For instance, both my parents dying. My dad died at our home and I had to shut his eyes he was 67 years old. My mom died 14 years later of lung cancer. She lived with stage four lung cancer for almost four years. They gave her nine months. It was a very tough time for me, knowing inevitably my mother was going to die. She pasted away in Eaton Community Hospice in Charlotte, Michigan. She was there for one week only. Her last words to me a day before she died were that she loved me. This is very hard to talk about, but I must.

I had great parents (Ed and Corky), I was an only child and now I was an orphan. In 2014, my life changed dramatically. I was married. My wife Carole and my step children Mara and Tony also had gone through a hard time. My friend, Mijo Kovac passed away unexpectedly. They lost a husband and father. But, Carole and I had become close friends and I knew she was the one I loved to be my wife. I care for those three very much.

My point in this personal story of my life is to tell people that life can be short and make the most of it. Meaning, with the uncertainty of this pandemic, don’t be selfish, disrespectful, unforgiving, a hoarder, lazy and most of all please don’t be mean toward people. This is a time to help your fellow man. In any way you can. Also, forgive people who are scared and feel awkward wearing gloves and masks. This isn’t the norm.

Lastly, pay it forward. I know what survival of the fittest means, but allow yourself to show empathy and respect toward all people. Please be safe out there and treat your friends and neighbors with the utmost respect!

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