I want you to read this very carefully. Under no circumstances should you disagree with putting on a mask. This coronavirus is not to be taken lightly. Thousands of people have gotten sick and died around the world.

Yeah, I know you might be saying "I feel fine no way will I get Covid-19 and the virus." This is nothing to be taken for granted. Many celebrities and professional athletes have gotten sick with the virus. No one person is immune to this. So when they tell you to put on a mask, put one on.

There are people who just don’t believe in putting one on. These masks can help to a degree. The coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets. These droplets can spread when you cough, sneeze, or even just raise your voice. By wearing a mask, you are putting a barrier between you and the people around you, which means you keep your droplets to yourself and you also have a layer of protection between yourself and other people's droplets. Think about it this way: you are wearing a mask to protect the people around you, and other people are wearing a mask to protect you.

Please understand the government is trying to keep the public safe and alive. I’ve seen some great detailed masks on all different people. These masks aren’t comfortable at all to wear. We know this. They are cumbersome, hot, itchy, and just plain not normal to wear. With that being said, put the mask on anyway.

This is my philosophy: I don’t fear the coronavirus, but I respect it! So please put on a mask. Feel free to weigh in on this and let me know your thoughts.

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