The saying in sports when your team has a bad year and seem to throw in the towel on the season is "There is always next year".

A term that most fans of professional sports teams here in Michigan have heard quite a bit over the last few years. Not only with the Lions but in recent years the Red Wings, Tigers and now the Pistons.

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With today being the trade deadline in the NBA there has been a lot of action in the association. The Detroit Pistons have agreed to trade center and two-time all-star Andre Drummond to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In exchange, the Pistons get guard Brandon Knight forward Jon Henson and a future second-round draft pick.

Drummond is one of the old school centers that causes the other team to think twice about coming into the lane. Plus this dude is an automatic double-double almost every night. Do the Pistons really need another guard on the team? I mean they already had Brandon Knight before and we know how well that worked out. Or is this just a salary dump?

Yet again the Pistons building towards the future. Now how long will Blake Griffin want to stay in Motown?



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