The Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur is from Michigan. He knows just how bad the Detroit Lions suck.

It looked like last year, he and Aaron Rodgers were going to make a lethal combination moving forward. Then, in the offseason, the Packers went out and drafted a Quarterback in the first round, Jordan Love from Utah State. That is the same position Aaron Rodgers plays if you didn't know. They can only have one QB playing QB at a time. So many football people wanted the Packers to draft a receiver to help Aaron and the offense but that didn't happen. It seems to have lit a fire under the ass of Aaron, if he had one. He threw for 4 touchdowns last week in a 43-34 win over the Vikings.

What makes matters worse, Detroit is really thin at cornerback this week. Their top dude, Desmond Trufant is on the injury report and Justin Coleman was put on injured reserve with an injured hamstring. So, Aaron Rodgers will be even more happy to see the Lions.

What makes it EVEN WORSE... His career record against them is 15-7. Last year, the Packers beat the Lions twice. Looks like that will likely be the case again this year.

My lead pipe lock of the week pick is PACKERS over lions. Say 47-13.


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