Once in a while in sports, there is a great story. Yesterday was that day.

Phil Mickelson cut the cake and got the win yesterday with another major. He is the oldest player to win a major championship in the history of professional golf. He is 50 years old. It was the sixth major of his career.

The venue was Kiawah Island, S.C. That’s where the event took place. He was a 200-1 odds to win the major. Phil has reshaped his life for a disciplined lifestyle of fasting at least 36 hours a week. He hits the golf ball farther now than he ever has. He had a 366-yard drive yesterday.

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Mickelson's nickname is "Lefty,” but people would call him “Hefty." They can’t anymore. He looks great and is playing great too.

His dad put $100 on him to win and took home $28,000. Unbelievable. This guy defied all the odds and never looked back. He ended up minus 6 for the PGA Championship and received a $2.2 million check.

Phil Mickelson defines hard work and enjoys his life more than he ever has. Getting older isn’t a bad thing. I feel better than I ever. He is doing the right thing and taking care of himself and that’s what you have to do.

So Phil Mickelson gets his sixth major and wins the PGA Championship at 50 years old. Congratulations to a real champion.

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