The Pete Rose saga continues.

Yesterday, the new commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred decided that Mr. Peter Edward Rose cannot be on the ballot once again for the Baseball Hall of Fame. This is a very unpopular decision with a lot of younger baseball fans. Pete Rose is the all-time hits leader in the history of MLB.

But Pete Rose was and is still a large gambler. He was thrown out of baseball by former commissioner Bart Giamatti. Rose was convicted of tax evasion and did jail time. But even worse, he was found to manipulate games as the manager of the Reds for his own personal betting schemes. Rose thought and still thinks he is larger then the game.

This is now the situation in MLB. The fantasy baseball sites, which are Fan Duel and Draft Kings, are now being looked at as gambling sites. Well, MLB has a half a billion or so invested with these companies. Pete Rose fans are saying it's hypocritical to ban him for his degenerate gambling ways.

All I can say right now is if Rose ever gets into the MLB Hall of Fame, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson should get in first.