Pete Rose is the all-time hit leader in the history of MLB. He now is going to be a television baseball analyst for some games on Fox this season.

I can't wait for this train wreck.

When you hear the name Pete Rose, you think of baseball or an iconic figure in the history of MLB that was banned from the game forever. Rose was convicted of tax evasion, but bet and manipulated Reds' games as their manager. This is one of the most bizarre stories of all time.

Pete Rose's story is pretty clear cut: you can't bet in baseball. He did and was banned and cannot enter the MLB Hall of Fame. A lot of people don't care and want to see him reinstated and put in the Hall. Rose has always been a narcissistic cat that didn't think these rues applied to him. In 1919, they kicked out several Chicago White Sox players. Some of the players took money from one Arnold Rothstein. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson would have been elected to the Hall but was banned for life.

If Rose ever get's in , you will have to put "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in first. Hey Pete, good luck with that one big boy!