It seems like the hip thing to do now is interrupt NBA games. Meaning there have been multiple people running on the court and disrupting the game.

A Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Nets star Kyrie Irving. His name is Cole Buckley, and he’s in trouble for being an idiot.

Then last night a fan was tackled after running on the court during the 76ers-Wizards game. Also, in another situation, a fan threw popcorn on one of the superstar NBA players.

This has become like a human idiot epidemic. If you’re a fan, stop it!

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As a fan, you know better than to throw foreign objects on the court and especially at players. This isn’t the first time of this bad behavior.

Years ago, in the Palace of Auburn Hills, a fan threw an object at an Indiana Pacers player and all Hell broke loose. Some of the Pacer players ran into the stands after the guy that threw the object. A complete in-house fight broke out. It was unbelievable, and it could have been worse. There were many suspensions and fans involved did jail time and were banned from the Palace forever.

I asked former Detroit Red Wing star player Darren McCarty if he had ever had problems with fans. He said “absolutely.” He told of times when they would go to the Pepsi Center and play the Colorado Avalanche, with whom they had a heated rivalry. He told me that fans would throw double-A batteries at the Red Wing players.

This is going to have to end. Someone is really going to get hurt or even die. Just stop it!

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