Peeing in public. We've all done it, and if you haven't, then you're missing out on a rushing feeling of freedom. Well, soon, you might be able to experience that "freedom pee" in Kalamazoo under no threat of jail time, because the city code for public urination might be changing.

A lessening of the charge is being considered after a recent City Commission meeting, and would eliminate any possible jail time, but could still bring a ticket and fine.

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During Tuesday's meeting, six violations were discussed, including public urination. And while it seems like an odd discussion for a City Commission, Attorney Clyde Robinson put things into context:

"It's kind of crude, but we're a college town, and there's a lot of times drinking, and people can't seem to find a restroom. So public urination is no longer a misdemeanor, it's a civil infraction."

So because we're a town full of college kids, it's bound to happen. Might as well not arrest a bunch of early 20-somethings doing their best to NOT wet their pants.

Just to be clear, this isn't LEGALIZING peeing in public, it's just reducing the charge. The main difference being that a civil infraction would only come with a ticket and fine.

And apparently, this has been part of a multi-year effort to examine city code. So the Kalamazoo City Commission has literally been thinking about peeing in public for years!

BUT, it's not a done deal yet. Tuesday's meeting was only a first consideration of the new proposal. Commissioners will get a second look at the proposed changes during their next meeting, and will then decide on whether to adopt the new code, or request any further changes.

So keep your pants on... for now.

Other code items discussed include littering, which is still considered a misdemeanor. It would lower the charge to civil infraction as well, and could see fines as high as $2,500, plus the cost of cleanup crews if they are deemed necessary for trash removal. They also discussed lessening charges for Abandoned refrigerators and similar containers, inoperable or wrecked vehicles and parts, a smoking ban in parking ramps, and a restriction on use of barbed wire, and electric fences.

The Next City Commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 18th.

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