In this day and age, passwords are a must. People need total security with everything. From accounts on your phone, computer, home security and all your million different apps. You have to deal with passwords to survive every day. I get it!

There are so many it can be monotonous. I am better than I used to be, but it can be a pain remembering all of them. I understand even with total internet security people can hack through Fort Knox. It’s a pain in the rear.

I have at least 16 passwords for everything. The problem is when you have to update and change a great password. Then you have to come up with a new one. Listen, I’m not whining, but you have to admit these passwords are a way of life. I respect that. But like I keep saying, they really are a pain in the rear.

A password for this, a password for that, it makes people want to scream wildly! But in this day and age, we need solid passwords. It’s something that when I was younger, I never thought I would need to do. I guess I will never totally get used to passwords and changing them. And getting a new phone is one of the worst experiences for any age. It takes time and is frustrating.

No matter how annoying it is, we all have to deal with passwords. You might not like it, but you have to respect it!

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