Saturday at 5:43 marks the beginning of summer. High holy days for Michiganders, especially after the last three months of wearing masks, growing our hair out and watching every show on Netflix.

Every. Last. Show.

So, one would think it would be time to load up the family truckster and get to, umm, maybe Sleeping Bear Dunes, for a little family picnic?

Normally, yes. In 2020? Maybe not.

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Apparently, the Great Lakes are mad that they don't have a development deal with Netflix, so they're throwing a tantrum by flooding out popular beaches and campgrounds. According to, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore officials say DH Day Campground is partially flooded (see above) as are many beaches and areas of South Manitou Island.

On the east side of the state, the same thing is happening at Tawas Point State Park. According to park supervisor Micah Jordan, the park has "water in places we’ve never had water before,” he said. “It’s eye-opening.”

And, after reading that last quote, if you watched a lot of "The Office" during the last three months, you are obligated to say, "That's what she said." Thank you.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has a website where you can track the lake levels. Because you've run out of every other form of entertainment on the internet. Click here.

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