Parents living vicariously though their children still runs rampant in all facets of high school sports and amateur sports. This has been of epidemic proportion for so many years that it’s still disgusting.

Dads and moms will harass the coaches if their kid isn’t getting enough playing time. Or if they feel that their child is being mistreated in some way. I’m telling you, I’m just really at nauseam listening to these horror stories about meddling parents. These parents, and you know who you are too, stop it! Knock it off! Leave these coaches and officials alone and let them do their jobs.

Also, you coaches don’t ever put your hands on an official. Ever! A man just got three years in jail for beating up a referee. Will this ever stop? Absolutely not! That’s why great coaches are getting out of coaching because of these type of parents. They're not paid enough to take that stress and grief.

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Parents have even signed contracts not to meddle, and they break these contracts in the long run. There is nothing worse than going to a high school game and listening to an irate parent scream, swear and make a complete spectacle of themselves. Leave the coaches and officials alone or you should be banned from arenas and stadiums forever. Please parents, just stop this immature behavior or accept the consequences!

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