When was the last time you visited a good ol' Dog n Suds drive-in restaurant? When was the last time you even SAW one?

Well, Michiganders, there are only two left in Michigan: in Muskegon and one just north of Muskegon in Montague. AND THEY ARE NOW BOTH FOR SALE. Read about the sale HERE.

Dog n Suds opened it's first location in 1953 in Champaign Illinois. Billing their root beer as "The World's Creamiest", the chain spawned more locations in several other states and boasted 650 restaurants by 1968.

Drive-ins were at their peak in the 1950's and 1960's, which made Dog n Suds one of the most popular hangouts for cruisin' teens at night and families by day.

After the original owners sold the business in the mid-1970's, things began downsliding and locations began shutting down.

Nowadays there are about 14 or less left in the country. Michigan has two of 'em and they're easy to get to from most parts of the state:

4454 Dowling Street in Montague
4221 Grand Haven Rd, Norton Shores (Muskegon)

Don't confuse these original Dog n Suds with other businesses. There's one with the same name, but it's a dog grooming parlor in Detroit. There's also a couple of "Pups n Suds" which is also a dog grooming biz.

Take a look at the Michigan location photos below, some videos, and some old Dog n Suds commercial jingles....then drive over to the west side of the state and ask about the sale. maybe you can purchase these and keep 'em going!

(What about the iconic dog with the chef's hat holding a tray of root beer and a coney? I always thought he looked like the Disney character 'Goofy', but this dog's actual name is "Rover".)


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