Here we go is a tradition unlike any other in the state of Michigan (cue the Masters music here).

Every year, the media and the fans in the state of Michigan drink the Honolulu Blue and Silver Kool-Aid and think that THIS is the year that your gridiron heroes, the Detroit Lions, will turn things around and become a top-level NFL team.

And every year, the Lions disappoint everyone.  If the defense is good, the offense is bad.  If the offense is good, the defense is bad (which is the case so far this season).  And if both the offense and defense is good, either the kicking game or the coaches let everyone down.

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As of this writing, the Detroit Lions are 1-3 on the 2022 season after an incredible 48-45 home loss to the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday.  And a trip to New England to play the Patriots awaits this Sunday (which you can hear on WVFN at 12 noon this coming Sunday).

The most incredible stat of this season is this:  The Lions have the number 1 offense in the NFL.  But their defense is ranked 32nd and last in the NFL.  This is in terms of yardage gained and yardage given up, respectively.  That says it all.

If that's not the epitome of Same Old Lions, I don't know what is.

Everybody knows the playoff win for the Lions since the 1957 NFL Championship game.  Wasting the Hall of Fame careers of Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and (maybe) Matthew Stafford.  Inept ownership, inept management, inept coaching.  Which, of course, leads to inept play on the field.

Folks, they are doing this to us again.  With all the talk of training camp, the Hard Knocks episodes.  All the talking that Dan Campbell (pictured above) and the players have made saying this is the year they turn it around.  And this is what we get.  A 1-3 record and the worst statistical defense in the league.

What a joke, it's SOL...Same Old Lions, until further notice.

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