The United States did a great job at the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver four years ago, winning the overall medal count with 37. This year, the teams from the United States will all be strong again.

These Winter Olympics could be a little different, though. With the ever-present threat of terrorism, this year's Olympic Games could be filled with many surprises, which could be either good or very bad. Russia has spent a record $50 billion and has had seven years to prepare. Even so, the Russians couldn't finish hotels and special facilities in time for the Opening Ceremony.

Many people staying in hotels have had numerous complaints about dirty rooms, dirty water, just awful situations for media, spectators,and tourists.

NBC has to be very concerned about everything with this year's Olympics. The network paid $775 million for the U.S. television rights.

This year's Olympics will be very intriguing with Russia as the host. We can only hope that there will be no violence. There will be severe concerns stemming from the bombings earlier a month or so ago. The fear of terror will exist, that's a fact. The Olympics should be about sports and competition, not evil attacks.

Let the games begin in Sochi, I know I will watching with great anticipation.