This historic landmark lies in the village of Dixboro, a tad northeast of Ann Arbor.

The Dixboro General Store has been operating since 1840, beginning as a trading post/purchasing stop for travelers between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

After 1900, the building added a barber shop, post office, gas station, and eventually an antique section. The general store was also a gathering place for local fiddlers and guitarists, who sat around pickin’ for customers and travelers…..

But across the street there were murders and ghosts. The tale about a female ghost who walks these grounds - holding a candle and wearing a long gown - could well be the most famous, or creepiest, ghost in the Ann Arbor area. This is a bizarre, TRUE tale, and you can read all about it HERE.

In the meantime, check out the photos below of the little hamlet of Dixboro; not just of the general store, but of a few other buildings in the area that makes it feel like you're back in time!


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