Life, since the pandemic started, has been very different from the "norm".

We've had to keep our distance from family and friends; we've had to stay home as opposed to going out, and we've had to take all kinds of precautions when headed out into public areas.

Individuals weren't the only ones to feel the effects of the pandemic, local businesses were severely impacted as well. Sadly, we saw a slew of businesses having to close their doors for the last time due to decreased business and increased costs.

Old Town Businesses Open During Pandemic

However, we've had some businesses in Old Town who were able to stick it through, and now, they're celebrating in a big way.

The I (heart) Old Town Newsletter and The Old Town Commercial Association announced that it would be kicking off its 25th + 1 Anniversary with some grand openings and ribbon-cutting ceremonies for businesses that opened up during the pandemic, but sadly didn't have the chance to celebrate this huge milestone.

Those businesses include,

  • Mother & Earth Baby Boutique
  • Twiggies
  • Thrift Witch
  • Dowry Bridal
  • Loyalty Barbershop
  • Grave Danger
  • Flesh Enhancements
  • Odd Nodd Art Supply
  • Bradly's Rak Clothier
  • Oracle's Apothecary
  • Maria's Cuisine Mexican Food

The celebrations kick off on Thursday, April 28th at noon. Mayor Andy Schor, along with plenty of others, will start the ribbon cutting at noon at Mother & Earth Baby Boutique.

It will then continue through Old Town in geographical order and end at Maria's Cuisine Mexican Food, located at 516 E. Cedar E. Chavez Ave. Each ribbon cutting will take approximately 8 - 10 minutes.

If you want to help celebrate the grand opening of these local businesses and the continuation of their success, head to Old Town today just before noon.

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As Michael Scott from The Office once said, "Gift baskets are amazing. Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present that a person can receive." And I don't disagree with him. That's why I decided to put together my own gift basket, but in my case, a Lansing-themed basket. Take a look through the goodies below to see what kind of items would make for a wonderful Lansing-themed gift basket. I tried to stick true to Michael's beliefs that a "little bit of fat and salt" is what people really want.

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