Old Tiger Stadium might be gone but the ground it used to stand on is revered by many Detroiters. The city has been unwilling to sell it for restoration or some sort of memorial to the old stadium. Until Wednesday, when the City sold the ground to the Detroit Police for a dollar.

That's right, a dollar. The same amount that brought Kris Draper to the Red Wings, except this deal has many Detroiters outraged because the public had no input on the sale.

The sale goes through to the Detroit Police Athletic League who reportedly plan on building a 2,500-seat stadium, headquarters and banquet hall. It will be outfitted with artificial turf, another issue residents have with the sale.

According to the report: "Before the stadium was completely demolished in 2009, the city had also turned a deaf ear to various offers from developers, including one for $750,000 and another “blank check” offer of at least $1 million, that would have included preservation of the field and other development."

The Detroit Police Athletic League have already broken ground on the site, the sale also includes some housing along both Michigan and Trumbull.