Click here for the most laughable thing you'll read today.

That link will take you to a column on the website for The O'Colly, which is Oklahoma State University's student newspaper, about Central Michigan's stunning upset of the Cowboys in Stillwater.

It's a short opinion piece and reads pretty quick. But let me save you five minutes and sum it right here: It's 339 words of self-righteous butthurt about losing.

Basically, the editorial suggests that CMU is bound by the core principles of its own university to petition the NCAA to overturn the result of Saturday's game. This of course is because the play on which the Chippewas pulled off the massive upset was erroneously awarded to CMU after a penalty incorrectly called against Oklahoma State. This also of course is entirely wrong as it's based on the fundamentally incorrect notion that college football--and the world, really--is fair.

It doesn’t take much in-depth searching to find the Central Michigan University’s core values on its website.

The first one listed: integrity. It’s the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

CMU has the opportunity to embody that...

For the game’s result to be overturned, OSU must appeal to CMU and the Chippewas must approve it.

That’s easier said than done. The Chippewas would give up a win against a team from a Power Five conference. They would give up an easy road to tallying a 12-0 record. CMU doesn’t play another opponent ranked in the top 25 this season.

It’s not easy, but practice what you preach, Chippewas.

That might be the hottest hot take of 2016.

We shouldn't be too harsh because it's a student newspaper: This was penned by a young person likely trying to get a good press clipping for their portfolio for the job search.

But let's be even-handed in piety, O'Colly.

A cursory search of Oklahoma State's website shows integrity is one of its guiding values as an institution, as well. That's interesting, because integrity doesn't seem to mesh with a school that lobbied the NCAA for mitigated repercussions when its football program was punished for allegedly using drugs and sex to win over recruits, as Oklahoma State did during a recruiting violation scandal in recent years.

Also, the fact that Oklahoma State is among the worst college football programs in the country when it comes to player arrests of late doesn't exactly scream "integrity."

Talk about needing to practice what you preach!

To the college kid who wrote this editorial: Quit being a sore loser. And don't act like there are morals in college football, because there aren't--that continues to be proven year after year, and it permeates the entire institution. If you really want a cross to bear, ask the more altruistic and morally imperative question as to why college sports generates billions of dollars in revenue but the actual product that makes that money (the players) sees none of it.

And please, just take the "L" and deal with it.  Yeah, the refs screwed up and cost your school a game. But really, what were you doing letting a MAC team hang around that long in your building anyway? It's probably going to be a long season for you, and it probably would have been even if the officials hadn't given CMU that extra play.