A Columbus, Ohio man called police after the truck he stole 5 days previous was stolen from him.

It's not every day that the same vehicle is stolen twice in one week.  In fact, I would say the number of times a truck thief has called 9-1-1 to report the truck they stole as stolen has to be in single digits.  Regardless of the numbers, it was a big day for the Hilliard police department as they were able to catch both men and lock them up.

Local law enforcement responded to a report of a truck stolen from a gas station last Monday according to 10tv.com,

Police were able to catch up to the truck on Main Street in Old Hilliard. The suspect, identified as David Harrison, ran from the vehicle, but was arrested in a nearby residential neighborhood.

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It didn't take long for the Hilliard Police officers to make a strange discovery.  The man that they just arrested stole a truck that was already stolen.  That's right, the man that called the police to report his truck stolen had just stolen that same truck 5 days ago in Delaware county.

It turns out that Brett Redd, the 36-year-old Columbus man that reported the truck stolen from the UDF gas station had recently stolen this truck from a landscaping company in Powell, Ohio.

Both men were immediately arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.

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