It's 2020, the year that just keeps giving and giving. After everything we've been through this year, you're not expecting a mild winter, are you? Don't be silly.

The Farmers' Almanac is the go-to for long-range weather forecasts and it's usually right on the money. And this year, the Farmers' Almanac is predicting that winter in the Midwest will be colder than usual, and will bring abundant snowfall.

"Our long-range forecast is calling for a cold winter with normal to below-normal temperatures in areas from the Great Lakes and Midwest, westward through the Northern and Central Plains, and Rockies."

The Almanac has dubbed this year "The Winter of the Great Divide" meaning that weather across the United States will be dichotomous.

“Based on our time-tested weather formula, the forecast for the upcoming winter looks a lot different from last year, quite divided with some very intense cold snaps and snowfall,” states editor Peter Geiger.

If you're a skier, you'll appreciate the Almanac's prediction that "the Great Lakes region will get its fair share of snow but expect above-normal snowfall if you live in the western Dakotas, northern portions of Colorado and Utah, as well as Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and central and eastern sections of Washington and Oregon."

And the editors of the Farmers' Almanac (almost tongue-in-cheek) acknowledge that because 202 has been such an unpredictable year, we should be ready for anything.

"If this last year taught us all anything, it’s that you “just never know,” they said. "The shift has moved to being prepared for anything."

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