Whoops, he did it again! Odell Cornelious Beckham is on the move again. This guy is absolutely unbelievable!

First, he is drafted by the New York Football Giants out of LSU. He plays there a few years and begins his professional football career as a total malcontent. As I said, he plays a few years in New York and wears out his welcome there.

OBJ is then moved to a bad team, the Cleveland Browns. They have gotten much better in the past few years. He was teamed back up with his college teammate from LSU Jarvis Landry. But injuries and being a malcontent again got his ticket out of Cleveland.

He was totally released this week by the Cleveland Browns. He and his dad complained publicly that the Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield doesn’t throw the ball to him enough. This guy is the poster child for what some pro-athletes have turned into. It’s all about them, not the team, the organization or the fans.

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This guy wore a $350,000 watch on the field during a regulation game and was fined by the NFL. Who does that moronic stuff? Wherever he has played, he turns into a stone in the shoe of that organization.

It looks like he's signing a contract with the Rams, so he'll be going to play with former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Is he going to complain that Stafford doesn't throw the ball to him enough too? This could either be good, bad or ugly. What is incredible is Odell Beckham Jr. could be one of the premier wideouts in all of the NFL if he would get his attitude right.

But, I will say, OBJ your act is old. I’m sick of million-dollar athletes complaining and getting out of their iron-clad contracts. This is not right!

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