Most of you are familiar with the Pure Michigan ad campaign, but do you know about the Not So Pure Michigan spoofs about all things Michigan?

Creator John Kerfoot does not hold back when it comes to making fun of Michigan cities, Michiganders and in this particular instance - Michigan sports teams.

Some of the sports spoof videos even poke fun at fans of the Detroit Lions and Michigan State fans too. These spots are all made in fun, please do not take them too seriously. If you have been a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, your skin is thick already.

Michiganders will have the last laugh when our Detroit Lions one day win a Superbowl, and the Detroit Tigers win a World Series. Surprisingly enough, there is not a spoof video about the Detroit Pistons or the Detroit Red Wings.

Don't give up Michigan sports fans, our day is coming. Most of us will be dead by then, but it is coming.

Detroit Tigers

Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions

University of Michigan

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

Michigan State Fans

Detroit Lions Fans

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