Last night in the House of Hell (Breslin Center), the MSU hoop team cut the cake and crushed number 15 Rutgers. The score was 68-45. MSU is now 9-3 overall.

They had lost their last three games badly. You know this is a broken record. Because every year we go through Tom Izzo’s teams playing up and down basketball during the course of the season. This happens every stinking year. It’s like he’s putting a puzzle together.

Now, I’m not saying they will make the Final Four this year, but they will be game ready for March Madness.

The Big Ten is by far the toughest conference in all of college hoop this year. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the Pandemic is still with us too.

Tom Izzo is the master of getting his team ready for the latter part of the season. It’s almost comical with the criticism he takes. Because at the end of the season a majority of the time everyone eats their words. For one thing, Rocket Watts isn’t a point guard, he’s a two. That has been taken care of.

The competition in the Big Ten alone will have them ready at the end of the season. So all of you people that have never even played intramural basketball, keep criticizing. Let’s see where Izzo’s team is at when the final horn goes off.

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