Someone recently asked me about the location of an old lumber town by the name of Nogi. It took some doing, but I was able to locate it's former site.

This particular gentleman told me his grandfather was born in Nogi, and recalls seeing a road sign for it. The road signs to Nogi are gone, as are any proof that the town even existed...there seems to be absolutely nothing left.

Nogi was a logging town approximately five miles north of Moran in Mackinaw County, between two little bodies of water: Bissell Creek and the Carp River. It is southeast of another tiny town by the name of Kenneth; while Kenneth still shows up on maps, Nogi does not. Timber was cut and hauled by the nearby Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad, which cut through Nogi.

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That's about all we know about Nogi – it was a lumber town, and where it used to stand. No information could be found on its history, what businesses - aside from logging - it might have had, what it was named after, etc. Was it created as a postal stop? A railway station? Was it only a lumber camp?

I would almost bet that Nogi was created around the same time as Kenneth. Kenneth (sometimes called 'Johnson') was also a lumber settlement, created in 1900 and approximately 2½ miles northwest of Nogi.

Take a look at the photos and atlases below, that show proof of this elusive lumber town. If anyone can shed more light on this old community, please do.