Paczki, the fried Polish donut treat served on Fat Tuesday are a pleasure to eat. But if you want to get your vernacular correct, here are the rules you need to know.

Paczki is plural, meaning two or more jelly filled donuts. So it is incorrect to say you've eaten a "dozen paczkis in the last week."

Surprisingly, here is the singular form of paczki: Paczek.

So it's one paczek and two or more paczki.

You know the pronunciation of paczki: poanch-key

How about paczek: Say poanch-eck

There are those who would argue it doesn't matter if you call them paczkis as long as you stuff those fatboys with plenty of filling.

Your paczki Polish lesson is courtesy of the Piast Institute in Hamtramck via their Facebook page.

And if you're blown way by the paczek/paczki, consider another Polish staple, pierogi. If you somehow can limit yourself to only eating one, then you've enjoyed a pierog.