Jim Harbaugh, the former San Francisco 49ers head football coach, is heading back to Ann Arbor to take over the Wolverines football program.

Harbaugh won 44 out of 64 games in San Fran. He also took the 49er's to the Super Bowl losing to his brother John and the Baltimore Ravens. Harbaugh played high school football in Ann Arbor, he played for Bo Schembechler at U-M, and he also played in the NFL, along with being a head coach in college.

Now, Jim Harbaugh has left the NFL for his alma mater. He's signed a six-year $48 million contract to put the Michigan Wolverine program back on track. This team under the last two head coaches have been dismal at best.

I feel Harbaugh will work very hard with his new staff to bring Michigan's historic football folklore back. His father was a coach and he has some very deep roots with the Wolverine program.

Harbaugh was a very good college quarterback, a very good college head coach, a very good NFL quarterback and an outstanding NFL head coach. He will do a bang-up job going back to Michigan.

But no one is shaking in their boots or quivering about his return as the head coach. He will make the Big Ten better, but no one is running for the hills.