The NFL meetings are now wrapping up and one distinctive rule change is no more dunking on any type of touchdowns.

Now, if you ask me, sports is all about entertainment. Spiking, firing the football into the stands, flipping the ball back to the ref, or any other type of celebration is fine.

But it's not like dunking the football over the goalpost.

They say that dunking the football can possibly throw off the balance of the crossbar. I say "Get out!" Are you serious? Even if there is some validity to this, take a timeout and fix it. I have never heard of that happening.

In Green Bay you have the Lambeau Leap, and someone could get badly injured. The NFL is sometimes laughable: For years they didn't say anything about concussions, but a player spiking a football over the goalpost is outlawed.

Players will be penalized 15 yards if they dunk the ball over the goalposts next season. In the past, players have used the football for entertainment purposes, like Terrell Owens' stunt with autographing the ball with a planted Sharpie in the goalpost padding. That's different