The New York Yankees are the most disliked professional sports team ever. Why ? Because over their long history they have dominated and won many World Championships. This year they probably will not win another ring, but controversy is never too far from the Yankees.

Last year, Hall of Famer to be Mariano Rivera retired and after this season another Hall of Famer to be Derek Jeter will retire. In the past couple of years the intense owner George Steinbrenner died, passing the team over to his sons. But after Jeter goes they will be faced with another dilemma: the possible return of Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod received a year's suspension from MLB for his part in the Biogenesis case. This was all in conjunction with him taking PED's. Although never totally proven MLB had enough goods on Alex to force him out for one year. He lost almost $23 million in salary.

Rodriguez will be 40 when the season starts. The Yankees owe him a total of $60 million in salary to his second guaranteed contract. Over the course of his career, A-Rod has been paid almost a quarter of a billion dollars.

The Yankees probably will not keep A-Rod. Either cut him out right and pay him, or trade him and eat a lot of his huge contract.

Any way you dice or slice it, the Yankees will always be in the middle of controversy.