We always try to keep an ear out for local rumblings. Whether it's an event or activity to take part in, a business opening, or (more sadly) a business closing, we try to keep up-to-date with what's happening so that we can share the news with you.

In this case, it's good news! Specifically, about a new business opening its doors.

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Lansing Area Restaurants

A new restaurant, called Saroki's Crispy Chicken & Pizza, is coming to Haslett.

You'll be able to find it at the southeast corner of Haslett and Marsh Roads. It's going into a strip alongside a Marathon gas station. Now, it's not open just yet. Sadly, they did have to push back their opening a bit to make sure they were ready for service. But not to fret, they should be open soon.

According to Saroki's recent Facebook post, their new opening date is set for Thursday, August 4th.

When the Haslett location opens, that will make the sixth restaurant for this pizza and fried chicken chain. If you just can't wait for August, and you want to give them a try now, they have locations in Royal Oak, Romulus, Farmington Hills, Waterford, and Wixom. They're working on a Canton location as well, but that one isn't open just yet either.

I'm very intrigued by this food combo; fried chicken and pizza. Both are great things on their own, but not something I necessarily thought of together. Like, you could literally order a family-style fried chicken dinner with corn and mashed potatoes with gravy, as well as a meat lovers pizza. I'm very interested to give this place a try.

Until this new pizza place opens, check out these other Lansing area restaurants that serve up some pretty interesting topping combinations. Can you say, crab rangoon pizza?

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