Doesn't it look like something Kermit the Frog would wear to work out in?

Courtesy of Nike and Pinterest
Courtesy of Nike and Pinterest

The New Nike golf shoe. If you think I am joking, click here to see the full story. Honestly, I thought it was a joke. At 140 bucks a pair, I really started laughing. You couldn't pay me 140 bucks to wear them. Well, ok, maybe.

The Nike Air Max 1 Golf brand is called “Grass” and could be the most pretentious shoe ever created. Just hearing the description makes me stabby. " it was inspired by none other than golf courses. The sneaker features a green upper that resembles the rough one would encounter during a round of golf. Additionally, the green laces are modeled after fairways."

And the sole resembles the putting green!

Look, I love golf but I don't need to wear the course on my feet. They don't need my endorsement... These things will be everywhere on the courses this year, I bet.


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