A lot of people have to question the mental faculties of anyone who would take on the job as Detroit Lions head coach. And Dan Campbell owns it.

A  meathead.

That's how some people describe recently hired Lions coach Dan Campbell.

And now Campbell is owning that word.

In an interview with MLive.com, Campbell says he's never going to be known as a cerebral head coach, because he's a "meathead" with "limited brain function".

In the interview with Kyle Meinke, Campbell told him:

"I said this to (CEO) Chris (Spielman) the other day, I was like, 'I love the fact we're only known as meatheads. I'm a meathead? I have limited brain capacity? I like (that people think) that. I'm good with that, you know what I mean? I have zero problem with it."

The subject was broached after Campbell was called a meathead by USA Today writer Mike Freeman, who thought Eric Bienemy of Kansas City should have been hired for the job.

I don't know if he's saying that the Lions will have have to out-physical every team, because there's no brain trust, but at least he's honest enough to know Einstein level thinking may not be necessary in football

What that means down the road? Not sure. As usual, as a Lions fan, I have a wait and see attitude.

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