The soon-to-be demolished Pontiac Silverdome is in a sad state.

In its heyday the Silverdome hosted Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons home games. It hosted a Super Bowl, NBA All-Star game, 1994 World Cup games and had plenty of concerts and other events including the Rolling Stones, Metallica and Madonna in their primes.

Now a video from YouTube user "Your purkz" shows the current state of the stadium, and if you loved the Silverdome, it might be hard to see what has become of it.

All footage appears to have been shot with a drone camera.

No longer is it a dome, the inflatable roof has torn and now the building is exposed to the open elements. Moss is growing everywhere, seating sections have been damaged and worn down. Even working rooms like the broadcast booth and press boxes are shells of themselves.

Photographer Johnny Joo took some photos back in late 2015 of the Silverdome interior as well you can peruse through.

Back in October, Oakland County said the demolishing process would being in Spring of 2016. These might be the last images of the once mighty Pontiac Silverdome before it goes down.