This is the second filing of non-disclosure in the Larry Nassar case. The first was successful and went against Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and others in charge of the prosecution and defense of Nassar to not comment publicly. Schuette publicly called Nassar a "monster" when more sex assault charges were filed against Nassar.

A decision on the order is expected to come down later today.

Court documents obtained by the LSJ give reasoning to the motion.

"(T)he conduct of the witnesses and some of the civil lawyers over the past few weeks have eviscerated Nassar's ability to have a fair trial and have trampled on his due process rights," his attorneys wrote in court documents. "...(T)he civil lawyers should not be allowed to publicly attack (us), particularly when an Order Limiting Disclosure makes it impossible to respond."

While there have been numerous incidents of people speaking out against Nassar during all of these proceedings, the timing is interesting because hours before this report surfaced, other media outlets ran a story where a parent of a victim detailed their story and called Nassar "a professional molester".

The parent in question is Tony Guerrero who's daughter is still a minor but is named among the nearly 100 women that have come forward and pressed some sort of charge or complaint against Nassar.

In another angle from the Nassar case, Michigan State had an official do an on camera interview with WXYZ in Detroit. The official said MSU will "look great" when all of this is over.

Nassar's next hearing is scheduled for May 12 in Mason.

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