Police documents obtained by media outlets revealed that Larry Nassar googled whether or not his practices of intervaginal manipulation were illegal or not.

--pelvic floor manipulations in athletes

--Legal use of medical exam gloves

--Is it illegal not to use gloves with intervaginal manipulations

--Intravaginal manipulations for back pain

--Pubic Hair Removal Demonstration (18+) YouTube

--Vaginal massage

--Is it illegal not to use gloves with intravaginal manipulations

“The following is a sample of the searches found,” Michigan State University Police Det. Sgt. Andrea Munford wrote in her 2016 report.

Munford questioned Nassar at the police station on Michigan State's campus after this was discovered in the investigation, making this note in the report: “It should be noted that several times during this interview Nassar severely stuttered over his words”

Later in that same interview there was this note in the investigation notes when Munford brought up that Nassar had received multiple complaints.

When Munford told Nassar they’d received a second complaint, “Nassar replied, ‘Really?’ and his right foot began to bounce.” Munford said the victim and her mother both saw him with an erect penis, and repeatedly asked Nassar whether he’d ever had an erection while treating female patients.

About a year and a half after this report was created, Nassar would be sentenced to 175 years in federal prison by an Ingham county court.

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