NASCAR racing is done through the month of April and into May. Brought down by the tiniest of NASCAR haters - the coronavirus.

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NASCAR released this statement late Monday afternoon:

“The health and safety of our fans, industry and the communities in which we race is our most important priority, so in accordance with recent CDC guidance, NASCAR is currently postponing all race events through May 3rd, with plans to return racing in Martinsville. We appreciate the patience of our fans and we look forward to returning to the race track. We intend to hold all 36 races this season, with future rescheduling soon to be determined as we continue to monitor this situation closely with public health officials and medical experts. What is important now transcends the world of sports and our focus is on everyone’s safety and well-being as we navigate this challenging time together.”

This shouldn't affect the two Michigan races - June 7th and August 9th. And they'll make up the seven races they'll miss before running at Martinsville on May 9th. But, when will those happen? There's not that many off-dates in the rest of the season. (I count two)  So - in the middle of the week? Or just a really long season?

This oughta be interesting.

I vote for a Christmas Day NASCAR Championship Race in Miami.

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